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We pride ourselves on hosting a selection of exceptional meetings
and thought-provoking conferences around the year.

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This authentic conference room features high ceilings and arched windows in combination with traditional XIX century brick walls. The spacious conference hall is ideal for both small and large business events and features a balcony podium that doubles as a DJ station or a VIP booth for up to 10 guests. The two separate entrances to the hall are at your disposal for the comfort of your guests.

Accommodates up to 220 guests


Located on the 4th floor, the Yuriy Gagarin conference hall accommodates up to 40 guests and is suitable for business events, seminars, trainings and meetings. With built-in seating arrangements and a convenient location near the lounge, the conference hall is the perfect solution for smaller-sized business events.

Accommodates up to 40 guests


Located on the 2nd floor and named after one of the greatest poets of XX’s century Russia, the Alexander Blok’s hall can seat up to 100 guests. With a convenient location near the lounge for coffee breaks, the hall is perfect for hosting seminars, workshops and meetings.

Accommodates up to 100 guests


Bright and cozy, the Gymnasium conference hall is located on the 2nd floor and can seat up to 25 guests. The “Gymnasium” is ideal for small-size business gatherings and seminars and can also be used for talks and round table meetings.

Accommodates up to 25 guests


One of our most popular conference halls, the Lounge Hall, is located on the 4th floor and comes with a casual interior and a transparent roof. The unique interior makes it particularly suitable for more informal meetings, seminars, workshops and business events for up to 70 guests.

Accommodates up to 70 guests


2 meeting rooms perfect for small seminars and trainings and events

Accommodates up to 30 guests


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Our conference rooms are the perfect venue for hosting your next conference or corporate event. Each conference room comes equipped with all necessary facilities for audio and visual presentations, including loudspeaker systems, a wireless conference network with 8 microphones, 6 plasma display panels, and a stand, a podium, a screen and a fully functional projector.