Welcome to the Vedensky Hotel!

Situated in a unique historic building in the heart of St. Petersburg, right in the middle of the bustling Bolshoy Prospect of Petrograd Side, the Vedensky Hotel offers an unrivaled combination of comfort, luxury and authenticity.

Within walking distance, you can reach some of St. Petersburg’s most stunning and popular attractions, including the Hermitage, the Aurora cruiser, the Peter-and-Paul Fortress, the Peter I House and the Kuntskamera. The building itself is a historical landmark, part of St. Petersburg’s historical heritage.

At the Vedensky Hotel, we aspire to provide our guests with unparalleled comfort and the warmest hospitality, without breaking the bank. Stroll down the corridors of the building that once housed the Vedensky Gymnasium during the time of Catherine the Great and experience St. Petersburg’s history in style, thanks to the outstanding professionalism of our staff and the unmatched amenities at your disposal.

The nine-story building that today houses the hotel was constructed in 1781 and was amongst the first six specialized “small public” schools, founded by decree of Catherine the Great. At the time, the Vedensky Gymnasium was considered the largest educational institution in the country.
Since 1999, the Vedensky Gymnasium is a regionally significant architectural monument and was closed to the public. In October 2011, the Vedensky Hotel opened its door to welcome visitors back into the building.